About Us

UFM stands for Underwear For Men. UFM Men's Underwear manufacturers and sells adjustable pouch underwear for men in briefs, boxer briefs 6” and boxer briefs 9” in 2 materials and 9 sizes.

Our patented adjustable pouch underwear technology was invented in 2013 in Nasua, NH and introduced to the sports market via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. After market validation, UFM Men's Underwear was purchased by Polidan, Inc., and relocated to Jacksonville, FL. John Polidan. It was always on John’s bucket list to take a startup and turn it into a household brand. After months of searching, UFM Men's Underwear crossed his desk. Like many men, John had an immediate need for the product. He had a hydrocele and needed underwear that truly offered support. Like many men, John immediately became a UFM Loyal.

John implemented several design enhancements to make a good product great and they became part of the patented design.

In 2015, John relaunched the company, and released the 2nd and 3rd generations of UFM Underwear.  In one year, UFM Men's Underwear received more than 1,500, 5 star product reviews. All of the feedback showed UFM the product was more than a sports product. Just like women need to wear a bra to support their womanhood, men need underwear to support their manhood. While some men want to wear support underwear for sports, there are a lot of men who actually need support underwear for everyday, medical, sports and work uses. A few companies have tried to introduce solutions, but none have come close to the support in UFM’s adjustable pouch underwear for men.

UFM Men's Underwear continues to grow as the company promotes more than just underwear. As a company, we are passionate about inspiring men to be better men -- to work hard, to give back to their communities, to talk about their health and to be better husbands and fathers. At the beginning of 2016, UFM began partnering with the Urologist Community through the American Urological Association’s annual international conference to get feedback from nearly 10,000 Urologists about the medical benefits of UFM underwear. At the conference UFM rolled out a patient referral program for physicians globally that includes educational materials and product discounts. 

In 2017, based on customer feedback, UFM introduced Gen 4 to re-design the drawstring path deeper back into the crotch to be less noticeable.  Wow were we surprised: 50% of our customers loved it, and 50% prefered the original design.  In keeping with our customer focus, UFM decided to offer both going forward with the MAX (original design) and REGULAR (The newer design)

In 2019 Gen 3.1 MAX and Gen 5 REGULAR were introduced to eliminate the metal grommets in the waistband and to enlarge the pouch volume.

The company continues to expand the product line with new materials, new colors and new markets.

UFM now offers free shipping Domestic and International

In 2020 UFM opened up its new "High Tech" warehouse to further enhance customer service and provide more options.

UFM Warehouse