Sports-Gym Workout

Fitness Underwear for Men

"I recently purchased a dozen pair of underwear from different brands to replace my fraying and threadbare gear. All had an enhanced pouch. I'd done research and decided that feature was worth a try.

I was skeptical of the draw string feature on UFM underwear. Would it get in the way? Press against my stomach? Was it really necessary? I have worn them under my sweat pants at home, under my shorts at the gym, and under my jeans out and about. Hands down, UFM won my personal design contest.

I've worn tightie whities since high school. I thought the family jewels needed the "support". After wearing UFM's, I realize that wasn't support. They were just squashing my manhood against my body.

With UFM's, the boys are supported without constricting them. They can sway and stay dry without flopping around. The true test was under my jeans. All these years I thought my jeans were tight and I needed regular briefs to avoid a "tight squeeze". Turns out my jeans have plenty of room for my manhood -- I just needed to set them free with UFM.

And free is how I feel when I walk around in UFM's. In fact, dare I say, I feel sexy?

I recommend UFM's 100%. I'll be buying more, for sure!

Feel free to use any or all of this review for advertising purposes. You need to get the word out and save every man's junk!" -Steven D Brief Bamboo REG

"So far I really like these boxer briefs! I bought 2 pairs and washed them right away. They came out extremely soft and are very comfortable on the skin. So far, I have left the drawstring loose for walking around but pull it pretty snug for workouts. Everything stays put and no chaffing. I will be ordering another couple pair right away to start replacing my Saxx and 2Under boxer briefs." -Scott C 9" Bamboo REG

"Under Armour used to be my go to for working out and casual. But then I found these...much, much better. Great for workouts and they don't leave you feeling scrunched up and uncomfortable. You can adjust the fit...for workout, for work, or just chillin'." -Rush B 6" Polyester MAX

"I decided to give this brand of underwear a try, somewhat skeptical about the drawstring/pouch mechanism as a means of support. I have significant issues with "package separation" because I have very large thighs and "low-hanging fruit," so to speak. Many other "supportive" and "pouch" styles do fine while I'm standing, but don't help much with backwards slippage when I sit down, or am at the gym, or am doing something very active.

To my surprise, the drawstring does a great job of keeping things held apart without undue chafing behind the goods, and also there is plenty of ventilation to prevent binding up. The coverage on the legs is good, prevents friction issues, and after about a month, still doesn't show significant wear between the thighs from rubbing (a perennial problem for me)." -Ches 9" Polyester REG

"This underwear is expensive as far as underwear goes, and that is my only real complaint. I am slowly trying to transition all of my old underwear to UFM underwear 1 or 2 pairs at a time. I am thin and athletic, but I have naturally tacky skin. I tend to stick to my thighs and my thighs tend to stick to one another. The hair on my inner thighs is rubbed bald and the same spot on my jeans wears out quickly. If I do any amount of walking or running without under armor I get inflamed pores on my thighs. However, underarmour alone does not support my manparts nor does it keep them from sticking or rubbing against my thighs. For this reason, I have had to wear briefs and underarmor underneath my jeans or workout clothing. UFM underwear replaces both in a much thinner "package" and does a better job.

I thought I'd make a few points for those
1. All of the underwear categories (i.e. sport, everyday, work, medical, etc) are the same product. It makes no difference which one you buy.
2. The only difference between the original and second versions is whether or not the string is on the inside or outside of the elastic respectively. 3rd version is only for big and tall sizes.
3. As the site suggests, I recommend going with your actual waste size rather than going a size smaller as you might do with other underwear. If I go a size smaller I find that the seat of the underwear is a bit tight even with my smaller posterior. Because the front pouch is adjustable, the underwear itself does not need to be really tight to give you support.
4. I find that these replace my underarmour. If you want this underwear to stop your thighs from rubbing together, I recommend the larger 9" versions. The leggings tend to bunch up a bit and the length of the leggings will lose a good 3" shortly after you put them on." -Corey B. 9" Polyester MAX

"I've tried several of the other brands (like SAXX) and came back to UFM as the only brand that truly hold up to a crossfit style workout with no chaffing. The comfort and fit is great, I had to have more to last through out more workouts without having to wash..;-) " -Glen M 6" Polyester MAX

"I received my underwear 5 days after the order was processed. I couldn't wait to put them on!!!! Best underwear ever!!! I workout a lot, I took one pair to the gym just to show all the trainer's and my fellow gym rat. I'm getting another order together!!!!" -Keith W. Brief Bamboo REG

"These are the best pair of underwear made. So much better than Saxx . I can go straight from work and then to the gym and don't need a jock...just tighten the support on them. They are well made and the sizing is perfect. " -Peter D 9" Polyester REG

"Ok so I bought 2 pair to try out at the gym instead of my jock and I realize they felt really good. After my workout I put my other pair on and went to work. What I found was I loved wearing them all day gave good support and not binding. Needless to say I now wear these as every day underwear and use my jock at the gym. May have to get more soon so I can do both. Anyway I am now a big fan of this product. Just wish the website was working properly so I can get into my account without getting an error message." -AARON F. 6" Bamboo REG

"These underwear are great. I wear them all the time everyday. Great for working outdoors or working out at the gym. Not restrictive and not hot like cotton. Feel secure and they breathe easily." -Drew M. Brief Polyester REG

"The drawstring adjustability of these briefs make them far more customizable than other underwear. Just a quick pull and tie, and you have a little extra prominence or a lot, totally up to you. And with the drawstring, they look enough like swimsuits that I'd dare wear them as such. The briefs are also extremely comfortable, and I cant wait to try them at the gym!" -John B. Brief Polyester REG

"Excellent quality, should have ordered a 36-38 but, after a couple of weeks at the gym, the 34-36 should fit. Error in ordering is MINE." -Edward B. Brief Polyester REG

"What I like the most about these boxer briefs is that one can adjust the amount of support. When in the gym or doing exercises or heavy activities you can tighten the support. But when finished you can loosen the support and feel comfortable. This makes wearing a jock unnecessary and you do not have to remove any clothes to do so. The fabric is soft and the tension around the legs enables that there is no riding up." -Joseph M. 6" Polyester MAX

"My fiance was thrilled when these came to the door! He's always looking for comfortable underwear/boxers to wear when he's at work and most importantly at the gym. These are very similar to another brand he is a fan of but cannot find! He was impressed on the fit, the feel, and the extra support that they provide. I highly recommend these if your looking for comfortable, stylish, sporty, and every day wear underwear for men!" -KC "Strategic Girl" Greenville NC 6" Polyester MAX

"My husband's first comment was, " These are actually QUITE comfortable!" He especially loves wearing them while he is working out at the gym. He says keeping everything separated makes it much more comfortable. Excellent product!" -Patricia V. 6" Polyester MAX

"I have to laugh just thinking about this. My husband is somewhat of a jokester, and he put them on and came out to me presenting his "package", "wrapped up" if you can imagine.

These are very supportive athletic boxer briefs. They have a string you can pull to get put all the pieces in tight so that when you run or workout nothing is bouncing around, getting caught or being exposed.
I imagine it is quite a good feature for a man who is working out,. For my husband-who was just heading from the shower to sleep the first time he put them on, they were the coolest and funniest thing in the world. He said they are very comfortable, and supportive all over. He has worn them first thing as soon as they were washed again and I think he is secretly still playing with that string. I think he would love if I could get a deal on a bunch of them, as they seem to be his new favorite underwear." -Crystal Crouch- Olympia KY 6" Polyester MAX

"I'm very happy with this product. These briefs supply wonderful support along with wicking away the sweat during a workout. Very comfortable too!" -Andrew F. Brief Polyester REG

"I bought these my workout class for added support and they are perfect!" Ronald D. 6" Polyester MAX

"I've purchased many types of workout underwear, and the UFM Sport mens boxer-briefs are the best! I will be throwing the rest out and ordering more." -Rodney G. 6" Polyester MAX

"When I saw these advertised, I knew I had to own a few pair. I'm an avid runner and gym rat. It seems as if the designers had that active lifestyle in mind when developing them. Great addition to the wardrobe. #06!" -Darrell W. 6" Polyester MAX

"I bought a pair to try for cardio workout days. The drawstrings totally lift your entire package up and out, making work outs chaffing and trauma free.
Great product." -Joseph O. Brief Polyester REG

"Bought one pair the first day was great!! The next day put a regular pair on and already missed the new ufm's saw that they held up to the wash without a problem and ordered 2 more pairs without a second thought! They are great for all day running around at work and they passed the leg day test in the gym without any problems!!! Every guy needs to add these to their collection" -Richard M. 6" Polyester MAX

"I saw them on FB and ordered them they arrived in 2 days. Love them for the gym." -Michael A. 6" Polyester MAX

"Good feel and fit. Great for the gym" -JOSEPH R. 6" Polyester MAX

"I am very impressed with the UFM adjustable pouch. I have been working out in these since I got them a few days ago. They support better than the usual jockstrap. Also, they support my package very well. I am planning on ordering more of this underwear. I would highly recommend this product to guys who are serious about their workouts." -Patrick 6" Polyester MAX

Cross Fit Underwear for Men

"I was at my wits end trying to find supportive underwear that I can wear during a workout. These separate my junk and move it away from my legs. I have no chafing or issues at all." -Jared P. 6" Polyester MAX

"Best support for being active. I wear these when at the gym and running. Buying more pairs." -Nicholas B. 6" Polyester MAX

"The briefs look great and have a very athletic appearance. I was worried at first about the drawstring looking awkward or being too noticeable, but I was pleasantly surprised! The material compresses enough to be good for a workout, but also moveable and soft enough to be worn as a regular everyday pair of briefs." -William M. 6" Polyester MAX

"Really like them. One draw back for those of us "small endowed" the pouch should be deeper to hold the "boys" once the ties are pulled tight and tied off. I find that my "boys" tend to escape the pouch and cause a bit of problem when working out at the gym. Otherwise, the "undy" is perfect. Will definitely be purchasing at least 4 more pair to carry me through a week's workouts." -Edward B. 9" Polyester MAX

"Great Concept just needs a little more room in pouch. The goods don't quite stay in." -Brian C. 6" Polyester MAX

"As is normal our down-stairs anatomy varies from guy to guy. Mine sits low, down between my legs, and made it incredibly difficult to maintain my new found joy of running. Preparing for a 5k is grueling enough but add in crushing man parts and it was becoming almost impossible. These Trunks/Boxers, allow me to pull my "junk" up and out of the way so running is easy and far less painful. Not to mention the little extra 3D assist to the gym shorts. Thanks, will definitely be buying more." -Jacob T. 9" Polyester MAX

 "I bought these for my fiance because he had issues with chaffing. He was so happy that he had no chaffing, or sweating. It was also leg day at the gym and he said that he didn't have to pull down the legs like he normally has to. He is very happy and asked me when I was going to buy him another pair." -Guest 6" Polyester MAX

"Love the way they support the boy's.All day support from office to gym. Tighten up pouch when working out make a perfect combo. Will be buying more!" -Drew W. 9" Polyester MAX

"Love the ability to adjust the support level. Also love how I look in the mirror in gym shorts! Only complaint is I am a 44 waist. Bought a 2XL. They tend to ride down in the back keeping me scared of plumber crack all day. Will buy 3XL next time." -Andrew G. 6" Polyester MAX

"UFM MEN'S UNDERWEAR IS my very favorite go to underwear. I especially like it for work, exercising or at the gym because it keeps everything safe, snug and in place. I really appreciate the way you can adjust the fit and smugness of the fit. Keep bringing out new products and colors. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!" -David. P. 6" Polyester MAX

"I had a little trepidation about theses when I ordered, but once the package arrived (ahead of scheduled date BTW) all worries faded. The size fits me perfectly unlike other brands. Best of all, the drawstring forms a user selectable amount of support for work or the gym/running/biking -- where some extra support is needed." -Randy 6" Polyester MAX

"There is a revolution going on in underwear design and UFM are riding the cutting edge. 'Contour pouches' are great, but one size does NOT fit all. The custom drawstring design helps achieve the lift & separate feature that the Wonderbra offered women! The fabric feels great and wicks away moisture so my boys stay comfy and dry all day. Even when I sit down they're out front and outta the way and don't get crushed. Best yet, these boxers still feature a traditional fly, so I don't have to pull my underwear down every time I gotta go.

I imagine the longer Sport version of UFM's Boxers would be amazing at the gym. It would be like an adjustable jockstrap! Great for cardio, biking, hiking, any activity. Can't wait to try them too!

I know guys aren't supposed to talk about their underwear, but I want to throw all my current boxer briefs away and refill my drawers with these guys. That's an expensive proposition on my budget, but I really do think it's worth it. I was so comfortable in my first pair today that I couldn't stop thinking, man, I gotta get more of these, Unfortunately, all the other purchases I've made in the past year are going to get eclipsed by these.

It's worth mentioning that the fit seems very accurate, the waistband doesn't roll, and the materials seem very high quality. Great fit and finish over all.

Thanks UFM. I'm a major fan. Los Angeles, CA" -Mark S. 6" Polyester MAX

"My husband loves the tight fit and also the extra support! He says they are super comfortable especially during workouts!" -Guest 6" Polyester MAX

"This is a purchase that I would recommend to any man looking for great, and more supportive, underwear. I had been experiencing the annoyance of uncomfortable underwear at work and at the gym for months. This underwear is suitable for either work or the gym, and it is also suitable for walking or running. Many times a lot of underwear is not supportive enough for the gym or allows chafing to happen while running or walking over great distances. Chafing will never be a problem again in these underwear. I'd recommend these underwear to anyone, whether you are active, like me, or not." -Daniel S. 6" Polyester MAX

"Great support, does not ride up even during workouts, I wish they had them in different colors" -Guest 9" Polyester MAX

"These underwear are awesome! The need to take change clothes once I get home is gone now, since I can sleep in these with no tightening, then pull up my support for an early-morning run. Same thing applies for deciding what type of support I need for dress slacks v. casual jeans or baggy shorts. I've been telling all my friends at the gym!" -Fred G. 6" Polyester MAX

"Put them on, go the gym, dip into the ocean, jog back home, and you'll be amazed how unaware you were you had them on. And dry." -Arsenio P. Brief Polyester REG

"After trying my first pair, I realized finally here's comfort and support no matter what I'm doing; work, the gym, or biking. I'm wearing these every day and loving the comfort and support." -Dennis S. 6" Polyester MAX

"I bought these to wear while I'm at the gym. I have a rubgy build with thick thighs and these fit just right. Love the room in the front." -Shawn D. 9" Polyester MAX

"Comfortable support. I wear them under gym shorts when I do cardio. perfect!" -Todd B. 9" Polyester MAX

"Just bought the 6" UFM and it's truly amazing. The tie fit pouch is an innovation from UFM. No matter what fit you need, it's easy, and will give you just the fit YOU need. The material is the same as other premium underwear and wicks sweat. Not only super for the gym but for daily wear. More for me on the way..." -Earl E. 6" Polyester MAX

"UFM underwear are great. They are so comfortable. I like the boxer briefs and the briefs. I wear them to workout in and for everyday wear. My new favorite underwear brand." -Tom S. 6" Polyester REG

"Great fit. Fabric really lets things breathe. Took a few adjustments to find the right pouch setting but then it was all good. Wore them all day at the office and super comfy. Can't wait to try them at the gym." -Blair 6" Polyester REG

"These would have to be the most supportive underwear I've ever worn.
Wearing mine under my shorts at the gym whilst lifting weights - and not one time have I had to "re-adjust".
The only thing I did notice is the string to tie up is a little long and gets under the elastic of my shorts and leaves an impression on my belly.
I'll try a few different tying techniques to see if that fixes.
I'll be buying more though!!" -Billy F. Brief Polyester REG

"Great for the gym." -Spencer C 9" Polyester REG

"Great support, perfect for the gym." -Joseph H Brief Bamboo REG

"I absolutely love my 9 inch adjustable underwear! I love the fact that I can adjust them tight for workout support, or let them hang when support is not needed! I am a fan for life!" -Randy S 9" Polyester REG

"Amazing underwear/compression gym shorts. Really like support UFM underwear provides. The material briefs are made from is soft, almost silky, and breathes keeping me cool whenever I am. I will definitely get more pairs so to have enough for everyday & gym wear. " -William M 3" Trunk Polyester REG

"These are great to wear to the gym or for any other workout occasion. Who knew you could have support and airy freedom at the same time? " -Garry W 6" Polyester REG

"Very sporty and comfortable, great for everyday and at the GYM, Will be purchasing a 2nd pair, Highly recommend especially for flexibility and fit, keeps the boys in line while working out, Thank you!" -Raymond H 6" Polyester MAX

"I was a big Under Armour fan until I tried these. They are great for both everyday and workouts. I usually loosen them for casual everyday wear and snug them up a little for workouts. They're cool and comfortable. The fit was perfect." -Rush B 6" Polyester REG

"Very comfortable. Able to wear all day. Eliminates the need to adjust. No discomfort wearing them when working out at the gym. Replacing all older underwear as they wear out , with UFM." -Tim 6" Bamboo REG


My husband loves them , will not wear anything else .
So I went ahead and ordered 2 pair for myself .
Killer wear for the gym and they remind me of UFC FIGHTING Trunks.
Great product
Wash them , dry them they never change. Never wear out ." -Rona G 6" Polyester REG

"These are super comfortable. They provide the support of a brief with the freedom of boxer briefs, They also lift and accentuate my package. They are awesome for the gym or working out." -Erik M 6" Polyester REG

"Bought this underwear due the doctor telling me I needed more support. As I work out six days a week. Didn't want the discomfort of A jock. The UFM boxer works great with the adjustable draw string. Wear them as regular underwear and then use the draw string to give more support during your workout Without having to change to a jock " -Spencer H 6" Bamboo REG

"Bought this underwear due the doctor telling me I needed more support. As I work out six days a week. Didn't want the discomfort of A jock. The UFM boxer works great with the adjustable draw string. Wear them as regular underwear and then use the draw string to give more support during your workout Without having to change to a jock " -Spencer H 6" Bamboo REG

"UFM boxer briefs are extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric and construction are high quality. The longest leg length is great, like a traditional boxer short. They look great on, girlfriend approved. Most importantly I can dial in the exact amount of support that I want. They are comfortable all day long and perfectly transition from the office to the gym" -Phil D 6" Bamboo REG

"Best workout underwear I have ever had. The ability to adjust for any condition is the best." -Jack B 6" Polyester MAX

"After waiting to order a pair of the UFM Underwear, I decided to place an order, I wore them to the gym, the support is better than a jock strap I will be ordering more. Thanks UFM for your support " -Jay R 6" Polyester MAX

"Amazing support and comfort. Great for the gym. Keeps my balls snug and secure. Feels great when I pull up on that drawstring. I can highly recommend these boxer briefs!" -William J 9" Bamboo REG

"I LOVE this underwear. I love that one can tighten up the drawstrings which then pulls ones junk up and then not so much in the way when working out. I don't think I could comfortably go back to "regular" workout sport briefs. I have both these 6 inch leg lengths and the 9 inch. I love them both. OH, there is one little tiny complaint.......the fly, which I appreciate, is tiny." -Dennis 6" Bamboo REG

"I wore one pair already. Went from work to the gym. Love them. The true test was support on leg day, they passed. Will definitely by more. " -Willie W. Brief Polyester REG

"Best workout boxers ever." -John L 6" Polyester REG

"Love em. These underwear provide the support and anti-chaffing that I was looking for! I'm a little overweight and the sizing chart was spot on. Also, I am using them as workout underwear and daily wear." -Terry D 9" Polyester REG

"Love these! Comfortable and amazing for workouts" -Scott K 6" Bamboo REG

"In the world of boxers or briefs, I was pleasantly surprised to discover an alternative to the also traditional "jock strap." Having worn the UFM brief during my regular workout, I found the necessary support in an altogether different construction. Not only will I be purchasing more UFM briefs for workouts, I may have found my new underwear for every day. " -Guest Brief Bamboo REG

"Super comfortable, great for the gym. Fabric is breathable and lightweight, but still gives maximum support for my big low-hanging balls. The drawstring pulls everything up in a very comforting way. Way better than a jockstrap. I recommend UFM for every man who needs this extra support!" -William J 6" Bamboo REG

"Very surprised. These are so comfortable and great to wear for workouts" -Brian F 6" Polyester MAX

"Drawstrings are a bit bulky for everyday wear but these underwear provide great support when exercising, so they're perfect for a few hours at the gym" -Lily E Brief Polyester REG [UFM this has been corrected]

"Recently purchased the 3" trunk. I only wear them to the gym under my gym shorts. Very comfortable. My only negative comment would be the cost. Two pairs for the cost of one pair would make them a great value." -Andy U 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Great product. Very comfortable at the gym under gym shorts. However, rather pricey." -Andy U Brief Bamboo REG

"These are simply the best Boxers I have ever worn. I were these when I can and when I workout. Awesomely comfortable and I highly recommend these to you guys. They hold the boys and snake in place. These are so cool! Will be ordering more. Keep up the great work UFM team. Keep making these." -Peter M. 9" Polyester REG

"These are awesome and work great for working out at the gym." -Val C 6" Bamboo REG

"Most comfortable boxer briefs ever! Perfect for the gym and everyday wear... absolutely love these!" -ALLEN M 6" Polyester REG

"I have several similar styles of active" underwear, but none of them come close to these! They are equally as great for a day at work in business-wear as they are for a long workout afterward." -Justin M 9" Polyester REG

"Comfortable underwear with as much support as you need. It was like wearing a hug around the junk all day. Great performance in the gym too, although get the to help avoid chaffing when you're jacked up and the inseam shortens a little." -David P 3" Trunk Bamboo REG [UFM Please be careful to not over tighten.  "Less is More"]

"My new favorite underwear. Comfortable, great fit. I wear them everyday and also to workout." -Tom S. Brief Polyester REG

"Love the feel and looks, great for everyday and the GYM, will be purchasing another pair in the future! If you are searching for a comfortable feel all day something to keep you cool and dry then look no further, Thank you!" -Raymond H 9" Polyester REG

"Great for doing Crossfit/FIT style workouts, weight training, rowing machine etc. Would buy again, also want to try in bamboo/spandex." -Comfortably s 6" Polyester MAX

"The UFM Generation 4 trunks are great. I purchased them with plans to use them primarily for travel. I thought the adjustable pouch would be comfortable for extended periods of walking and the isolation provided by the pouch eliminate the need "arrange the furniture" when spending hours on the plane.
They are so comfortable I will be getting more to wear on a daily basis at home. I have also used them at the gym instead of a jock and am pleased with the support and comfort. I do appreciate that they enhance the masculine profile.
They do require some practice to get to get the most comfort from them. You need to make sure that the scrotum is placed completely within the pouch and the penis pointing towards the fly before tightening the drawstring. I am still experimenting with how tight to pull the drawstring to adjust the support to be most comfortable. When I purchase more, I will probably try Gen 3.1 to see if a slightly larger pouch is more comfortable.
Customer service is great. I have chatted with the representative on line, he has always been willing to take the time to answer questions and explain the different styles: fabric for Gen 3 is different than the others; there are 4 different pouch sizes available and two different drawstring positions.
In a video on the website it is suggested that you can place a protector cup inside the pouch when that is needed. Although the cup is held in position, I did not find that comfortable because of the direct contact of the plastic of the cup with the genitals." -Lawrence E 3" Trunk Polyester REG

"Purchased for the gym but now I wear them every day!! " -Brian K 6" Polyester REG

"Excellent underwear for the gym. I would give 5 stars except for the price of the product, which I think is very high. " -Andy U 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Best I have ever worn. Great support and comfort. All styles are good. Very strong material. Great for the gym workouts." -Ron 6" Polyester MAX

"I purchased the UFMunderwear for an upcoming medical procedure. I am trying them before hand for everyday use and at the gym, I am enjoying them very much. They provide great comfort and I will be purchasing more for everyday use. Hopefully they will make a generation with two pouches like the competitor's brand to help keep junk centered. :-)" -R. A 6" Polyester MAX

"Great fit! Great for everyday wear or at the gym." -Greg B 9" Polyester REG

"I have 9 pairs of these shorts and use them for every workout. The best exercise underwear I've ever worn ." -Robert K 6" Bamboo REG

"I really like the feel of these. They provide needed support during my workouts." -Daniel P 6" Polyester MAX

"Very comfortable and nice support. It takes a while to learn how best to adjust the springs, but that's easy. Really nice in the gym during a workout, but also good for everyday wear. " -Joe L 6" Polyester MAX

"Very comfortable and supportive during workouts." -Lou C Brief Polyester REG

"Extremely comfortable. I believe the Gen 4 is even better than the Gen 3, but both are among my favorites.I had first bought to wear in the gym, but they are so comfortable, I wear them for everyday now. " -Joe L 6" Bamboo REG

"I work out at a gym; with a trainer; Six(6) days a week " -Gregory T 3" Trunk Polyester REG

"These are even better than expected. I purchased for gym use, but broke them in moving 15 tons of gravel with a wheel barrow in 100 degree heat. Your junk is comfortably cinched up and out of the way with zero chaffing or getting your balls knocked around. I usually wear briefs, which I also bought from UFM. In this case, the trunk does a better job of keeping it all together. Heading back to UFM for another order." -Tim R 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Bought the UFM bamboo briefs to wear under gym clothes for workouts. Love the feel and comfort!" -James T 6" Bamboo REG

"These are better than I imagine. Be careful with gym shorts. They create quite the bulge! " -Brady G 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"This are amazing...the are comfortable for all my workouts .they have now become part of my workout equipment" -David M 9" Bamboo REG

"Love how it makes my bulge look in gym short." -Brady G 6" Polyester MAX

"From work to the gym these shorts offer good support" -Steve K 6" Polyester MAX

"Perfect for going to the gym and making sure everything stays in place. The fabric and support are the best." -Michael D. Brief Bamboo REG

"The best under for the gym and daily . Time to purchase more." -KENNETH A 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Bought for my upcoming vasectomy but had to make sure I liked them prior to having the surgery done. They are comfortable and have been used in varying degree of workouts and I am pleased with the adjustable additional support. " -David W 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"For the style, comfort and looks,Great for everyday use and while working out at the GYM Absolutely love them, will be ordering another pair in the future,
Thank you " -Raymond H 3" Trunk Polyester REG

"These are amazing. Never have I had such secure support when exercising at the gym. Whether I'm lifting or doing cardio, everything is snug and secure it its place and I don't have to worry about anything getting where it isn't supposed to be. I cannot recommend UFM enough!" -Thomas R 9" Polyester REG