Cycling Underwear for Men

Cyclists Love UFM.  It keeps the boys from getting beat up.  Whether your a hard core distance cyclist, off road mountain biker or just a cruiser, UFMs will keep things out of the way and you will stay comfortable.

"These Boxer briefs were the perfect answer to my post hernia operation and I can see them serving me well on my mountain bike as a regular part of my kit. They fit well and are adjustable, No sag and the waist band is there to stay. A++ I want to mention that the customer service is exceptional." Steve M 6" Bamboo REG

"This was my first purchase of UFM products, for a temporary (I hope) medical condition. However, I like these underwear so much that I plan to continue using them long-term. They fit great, look great, are very comfortable and supportive, and nearly eliminate the need to make adjustments throughout the day, even while bike riding or sitting for long periods!" Guest6" Bamboo REG

"Got these a little over a week ago - been a fan of UFM for a while. Switching from briefs to boxer briefs, I look for a pouch that is roomy and separates everything, but need legs that don't ride up so that my legs don't rub when I walk or ride my bike. I'm a muscular, well-endowed dude, and I wear between 34 and 36 for pants for reference, and the large fits great - I have big legs from lifting weights and biking. The Viscose-spandex blend is super comfortable on warm days, breathes well, and is gentle on the skin. Don't know I'd wear these if you wear your undies for workouts, especially heavy lifting or running. These were super comfortable walking, at work, and biking a short distance. They pouch was very roomy and stretchy but still supportive, the drawstring was easy to use, and the legs stayed in place the whole day. The color was true to the ad, and as a guy with a little bit of a belly, the waistband didn't roll, which is a huge perk. If you are built like I am, I strongly recommend these, especially if you need to have the boys up and away, but want a separated pouch in your boxer briefs" Dylan G6" Bamboo REG

"I'm turning 60 this year & started having some issues, I believe related to extended bike rides, so looked into various options to mitigate. I found some online recommen huge help & worth the investment. The design keeps everything in place during long rides and my condition completely improved. I highly recommend these to riders or anyone who needs to keep things in place or some extra support. The fabric is extremely comfortable and they were much more effective than competitors support type products due to the unique design. Great product...if in doubt, buy it!" Larry B - 3 Trunk" Bamboo REG

"Great fit and feel. Keeps everything cool and dry. Love the blue color. Tired of boxers and kept getting crotch rot. Use for bike riding and walking the dog." Russell C - Brief Bamboo REG

"At last I found the briefs I need. I am always comfortable and supported, these are perfect for my bicycle riding, I won't get on the bike without a pair of UFM to keep things comfortable in place!"  Christopher M. - 6" Polyester MAX

"I didn't believe underwear could get better, but UFM has changed my mind. I started using UFM for workouts and long bike rides. They soon became my everyday choice!" Jack B - 6" Polyester MAX

"UFM eliminates the need for"glide" products running and bicycling. This is the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn". Jack C.6" Polyester MAX

"These are my third pair. They work as advertised, I've never owned underwear this comfortable before. They're especially nice when I'm bicycling, super supportive and no pinching. I can't imagine going back to traditional boxers ever again." Darin M6" Polyester REG

"I have mild, chronic epidymitis related to years of high mileage bicycling and nothing has given me relief before now. I ordered 1 pair and what an immediate improvement I noticed! Now have several additional pairs of shorts and I'm riding again without pain! What a great product!"  Bob S - 3" Trunk Polyester REG

"I was looking for a brief that would give me added support when doing outdoor cycling . I wear these under my cycling shorts and the added support drawstring feature is great and makes cycling much more comfortable! These underwear are superior for everyday wear as they give , support as well as great comfort ! Great product !" Rich H - 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"They certainly improve comfort. Having the changes resulting from a prostate operation a couple of years ago my usual briefs were not comfortable. I have to wear a pad, which although small has an inevitable bulk, plus slight edema , so any extra space and support is welcome. Cycling is more comfortable too, so worth getting." Hylton D - Brief Bamboo REG

Cycling Underwear for Men

"I have be wearing UFM for quite a number of years (everyday 'go to' boxers) but I normally wear the more standard 6" length. I wanted to get a longer model as I found that the UFMs I was using when I did my workouts (which now include some cardio extras like cycling) didn't give me as much thigh chaffing protection. I figured 'I like my UFM, why not just stay with what I like and get longer rather than going to a different brand or ever a cycling short and I'm so far quite glad I did. They are very nice/comfortable as usually but for this use and I'm also getting the benefit of better leg protection. Thanks" Christopher J. - 9" Polyester REG