Tennis Underwear for Men

"I had surgery recently and needed something special. This underware was comfortable, well made and gave me the support I needed. I bought 3 pairs now and will continue to use them now that I am healing up. I especially like them for tennis. The support is amazing. Bottom line, wether you need support after surgery "down there" of just an amazing pair of underwear for everyday use or sports…look no further!" -Michael M. 6" Bamboo REG

"I use them to place tennis and I leave the "noose" loose." -Steven G. 6" Polyester MAX

"Great for working out and playing tennis. Will buy more " -Guest 6" Polyester REG

"Great comfort and support. I wear them for playing tennis, lifting weights and running." -NEAL P. Briefs Polyester REG

Tennis Underwear for Men