Basketball Underwear

UFMs are great for Basketball.  They provide excellent support and people even say they can run faster and jump higher.  See below for some comments that our customers have made wearing UFMs for Basketball.  UFMs are actually great for any sport.

"My husband has mentioned wanting more support in the past, so I jumped at the opportunity for him to try these. He first loved the quality fabric and how well they were manufactured. The brief fit him perfect and hugged everything nicely. Once the drawstring was pulled everything was securely held in place, but not too tightly to cause any sort of chaffing. He is looking forward to wearing these while playing basketball and other activities as he thinks the more secure hold will be much more comfortable. He would have liked the band to have been a little thinner ,but it was not a big deal to him. He is looking forward to trying these in the boxer option as well." -J Ramsey Briefs Polyester REG

"Been wearing these for basketball the past couple weeks and have been shocked at the difference. I really feel like I can jump higher! And of course the comfort is much higher then with normal boxer-briefs." -Sean W 9" Polyester REG

"I've got such a comfortable pouch, I almost feel like a marsupial. Well designed and put together...wears well in place of a jock for basketball or kendo. I'll be getting more of these!" -James T. 6" Bamboo REG