Sports-Martial Arts Combat

UFMs are Great for  for all forms of matrial arts and work well with hard protection devices.  Insert your prefered cup into the fly and Viola' you are protected.  Also Gen 3.1 Max and Gen 5 now contain no metal grommets or metal of any kind.Martial Arts Underwear for Men


William C - Florida

These are absolutely spectacular. I have been a martial Arts Instructor for more than 12 years now, and I have never worn anything quite like these. the fit of the waistband is perfect, and the support that these underwear provides is Amazing. I am going to place another order for more soon. Best pair of athletic underwear I have ever worn.

Steve M

Just got my first two pair of UFM and they are awesome. Am wearing one pair during my Martial Arts training and what a difference in comfort, no chafing and I can even keep my cup in place using the pouch. Very comfortable and the moisture wicking is the best ever ! Thanks for developing this product for men involved in athletics !

MMA Underwear for Men