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Fishing Underwear for Men

"I got these for my significant other mainly because he is always complaining of chafing when he does man drives during hunting season. The walking and some running in the woods chasing deer and dogs make things in his down under region shift and move and he becomes chafed and such so I asked him to try these on one of his hunts. Well when got back he was so excited he for once was just the way he left the house that morning. He said things stayed where they were supposed to. He was impressed with the fit feel and support. Now all I can say is they are great or rather he says they are great" -Beauty Nag Medical_Box_Brief_Red_Parent

"HE LOVES THEM!! Thank you so much. I purchased 3 different pair: The Viscose(Bamboo)-Spandex Everyday Boxer Briefs 6-inch REG Support (Gen 4) (for home), the Viscose(Bamboo)-Spandex Everyday Boxer Briefs 6-inch MAX Support (Gen 3.1) Underwear (for work), and the Polyester-Spandex Everyday Boxer Briefs 6-inch REG Support (Gen 4/5) in Camo (for hunting). I followed the instructions regarding sizing, which was very helpful. THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME! Thank you again, very much." -C. H 9" Polyester REG

"These are the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. They perform as advertised, keeping "the tackle box" dry. Ver glad to have them." -Dave 6" Bamboo REG

" I've tried many brands and these are by far the best. I'm a very active 60 year old, living in the Atlanta area. I enjoy fishing, hiking and most outdoor activities. These are cool enough to stay comfortable in our hot, humid summers. I also do interval training two to three times per week. These give me the support I want without cramming things in too tight and keep the boys from sticking to my thighs" -Rush B 6" Polyester MAX

"The inseam seems like "short" 6 inches. Should have gotten the 9 inch one. As a guy who has muscular legs, the 6 inches ride up. A little extra room might be good. Hoping the 9 inches help with that. Love the support. Have a bit bigger than average tackle and bits, so the support is wonderful." -Jeffrey B 6" Bamboo REG [UFM recommends 9" for guys with larger or muscular thighs]

Fishing Underwear for Men