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Do you work for FedEx®, USPS®, UPS®, AMAZON®, Over The Road Trucker

UFM Trucker Underwear

or any other supply chain profession? Male chafing can be a real problem, getting in an out of your vehicle and you never want to sit on your nuts.

We have received many testimonials from people in your field amazed how UFM Mens Underwear has added comfort to their daily work lives.

UFM ships extensively with USPS and FedEx and our local drivers swear by them.

"Long drives were a pain in the @#!!. These underwear keep everything right where it belongs. Sitting on balls is supposed to be part of core training at the gym, not a daily occurrence in the truck. I love the the draw string to allow for the perfect fit." -Doug F. 6" Polyester MAX

"Really comfortable I drive tanker truck 12-14 hrs a day I now own 6 pairs an recommend to all my friends an relatives" -Ronald B. 9" Polyester MAX

"Great product, I drive a truck and they are very supportive." -Joe H. Brief Bamboo REG

"I never thought I'd say that I love my underwear. But, I work where I'm constantly getting in and out of my work truck, and the boys were getting crushed. That doesn't happen anymore. Thanks UFM." -Patrick P. 6" Bamboo REG

UFM Delivery Underwear

"I do a lot of long distance driving and have always had a hard time getting and staying comfortable. My wife is very talented when it comes to sewing clothing etc. and I had asked her about working with me to come up with a solution. Reluctantly, she said yes.

When I found UFM, I decided to try a pair of briefs for under my swimsuit. They were so comfortable I tried them on a 3200 mile trip. WOW! From the moment I sit in my vehicle untiI I get out, total comfort.

I was so impressed, I just purchased two of the three inch trunks. Even more comfortable for driving.

UFM should target market to over-the-road truck drivers. Based on my experience, drivers would find these to be fantastic for those long days behind the wheel.

Hey, no reason to wear these only when driving. They are so comfortable, I can and will start wearing them anytime." -Robert P. Brief Polyester REG

"I bought these for my fiance' because he's been looking for the right fit for a truck driver, and he LOVES them! He said they fit so comfortably... so we'll be ordering our next few pairs very soon!" -Sebina D. 6" Polyester REG

"I got these for my husband, and he agreed to test them out for me. I think they are nice looking and was excited to hear how they worked for my husband.

My husband is a wrecker driver, so he gets in and out of a truck all day long, and unfortunately for him, he seems to ""shift"" from all the in and out of the truck, so he was willing to give it a try.

So he wore them all day and I asked him what he thought about them, and he said that they felt great, but that he couldn't tell if them kept him in place, because he hadn't gone out on a call that day. Then I reminded him that he had gone on a call, and he said, WOW, they kept me secure and in place, give them an EXCELLENT review. (And they look great on as well!)" -Jennifer B. 6" Polyester MAX

"For someone who delivers packages all day, in and out of trucks, these underwear are a must. Comfortable, reliable, and keeps what's important at a safe and convenient level. Just the right amount of support." -Lucas C. 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"My husband loved these he's a truck driver best relief he's had in all 32 years of driving thanks"-Guest Brief Bamboo REG

"Very well built. Overall I'm happy with the first pair I bought. I drive 200 miles a day in Arizona, in and out of my truck about every 20 minutes. I only bought 1 pair so I can find the perfect fit for me. I'm a 37 waist but the large was not as snug as I like and the 6 inch inseam did hike up a bit. I am going to get a second pair but go with medium size and 9 inch inseam." John K. 6" Bamboo MAX

"As always, it's a great fit, great product. As a truck driver I know what a great fit is. I will be buying more. I'm loving the more room in the pouch." -Shane B. 9" Bamboo REG

"I am a truck driver and spend most the day sitting down! These are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. I will most definitely continue to purchase." -Crystal N 3" Trunk REG

"I ordered a pair just like the red briefs that the model is wearing. These work EXACTLY as advertised! I tightened up the drawstring and pulled everything upwards and outwards - my wife REALLY enjoyed that (There's a LOT of beef that is no longer hanging). No more testicles being crushed when I climb into the truck - I appreciated that. These underwear are so comfortable that I actually FORGET that I am wearing them until I have to take them off. THANKS!" -David P. Brief Bamboo REG

"Great quality, sizing fits perfect. A pain saver as I drive and go in and out of the truck all day." -Peter A. 3" Trunk Bamboo

"I held off giving a review while I put things to the test.  Awesome! The boys don't get sat on anymore when I'm driving my truck in the quarry or out on the road.  Very comfortable! No problem with swinging issues when I'm hiking trails or just walking around the neighborhood.  Thanks for making these great jewel protectors!" -Don A. 6" Polyester MAX

"The marketers are missing a whole segment of the population! You're advertising to men who move around a lot. My hubby is a truck driver who is SITTING most of the day, sweats ""down there"", and is prone to jock itch because of it. He absolutely LOVES this underwear!!!! I bought him 2 a while back to try, which is why I've just bought him several more.
IN ADDITION, he's a motorcycle enthusiast. He says riding his bike is MUCH more comfortable when wearing his UFM underwear, because it holds his man parts up higher and so they're not getting as squished as they normally do. Start putting booths at bike rallies! He has already told several friends about these underwear. He's still amazed and delighted with how they fit and how they work. If you're buying for the first time, you won't be disappointed!" -Carol R. 9" Polyester MAX

"Well built. Comfortable. Bought them mainly for motorcycle riding. But I have used them for 3 days at work. Seem pretty good.  But I climb in and out of a truck all day. So need to adjust once in awhile. But way better than smashing your gonads all day I like the Bamboo I will be buying more" -Scott S. 9" Bamboo MAX

"I work in a warehouse and am jumping on and off a forklift all day. Lets just say these underwear make life a lot more pleasant.   Don't have to spend time trying to get comfortable. Everything just stays in place." -Guest 6" Polyester MAX

"Loved them. Very comfortable. I am a larger guy. That works in a warehouse where I do large amounts of walking which usually leads to lots of chafing and irritation.  The underwear have been great with this problem. It will be interesting to see how they do when summer gets here and it is hotter in the warehouse.
I do like the large waist band." -Kenneth K. 6" Polyester MAX

"These underwear are the best! I love the adjustable drawstring, it cups your man nuggets so they don't fall between your legs like SAXX brand. I will be ordering many more pairs of these. The only con is that there needs to be more color options." -Thomas B. 6" Bamboo REG

"I'm a UPS driver in south Florida, I used to get chafed everyday. I haven't gotten chafed since the day I started wearing these!!!!" 6" Bamboo MAX

"I chose these to wear during the hot summer months. I am in an out of a Warehouse. They are working perfectly. ready to buy more." -Barry M. 6" Polyester MAX

"These are without a doubt the most comfortable,functional underwear I've ever worn, I walk about 8 miles a day in a hot warehouse and these keep me drier and most importantly they keep my package up and away from my groin , this keeps me from constantly adjusting myself and rubbing my nuts raw from all the friction of walking. I've already ordered more." -Timothy H. Briefs Bamboo REG

"I am a driver for UPS. I tried many different versions to help with chaffing and these are definitely the best ones ups" -JP 9" Polyester REG

"The best underwear that I own, I work in a hot warehouse and these keep me cooler and drier and the support keep everything in place, I've got some low hangers and these keep me from sitting on my boys !" -Timothy H. Brief Bamboo REG

"Excellent, the best! Finally, I find underwear that completely cups my balls and keeps them from touching and sticking to my inner thighs. This is especially important when working hard and everything perspires. The pouch absorbs the perspiration and keeps everything in place with no sticking. These are really comfortable, no more shifting from one side to another or getting pinched. I am referring to the generation 3.1. I wish they made other colors, only black at this time. I also purchased gen. 4.0 and these are not quite as comfortable for me because the pouch seems to be a bit smaller or maybe these are sewed/designed a bit differently? In any case, for me, everything doesn't fit quite as comfortably in the 4.0 gen. If you are average or above in size, everything might not fit in the 4.0 gen. The metal grommets on the gen. 4.0 are not an issue for me. I plan to try gen. 5.0 to compare." -Sesario E. 9" Boxer Brief Polyester

"Got my first pair today, I've tried numerous pouch underwear from saxx, to 2undr, and a few others. Nothing compares to these. Soft, comfortable, true to size, cups everything just how you would want it to, even between standing and sitting, no need for readjustment. 10/10 would recommend" -Andrew M Brief Bamboo REG