Golf Underwear

UFMs are ideal for Golf.  UFMs will keep you cool and prevent chafing.  UFMs can be purchased in many pro shops across the USA.  Many golfers prefer the Bamboo material as it is the coolest wearing.

Comments from Some of our Golf Customers:

"The UFM boxers helped relieve chaffing during a long round of college golf. He loved them." -Guest 6" Polyester MAX

"Great for golf !!" -Al F. 6" Polyester MAX

"Hi, I've worn these briefs twice, once when golfing and another when doing yard work and the briefs are very comfortable. They don' ick to your shin and the briefs help wick away sweat. I also like the adjustability with the drawstring so you can get the support you need just right. Thanks for a great product!" -Mark W. 6" Bamboo REG

"Recently purchased after looking at the alternatives. Was not crazy about the price, but seemed comparable to other athletic support wear on the internet...
UFM works great on the golf course! Designed to keep everything in place -the thin, wicking design keeps you dry and focused on your game..." -Patrick G. 6" Bamboo REG

"Very comfortable,especially playing golf" -Danny L. 6" Polyester MAX

"I started using this for golf and they are great. Extremely comfortable and great support. Worth every penny!" -Guest 6" Polyester MAX

"I needed a little extra support for the family jewels, and found the UFM website. Glad I did...I ordered two of pairs of the camouflage undies, and they shipped out and arrived within a couple of days. They are really comfortable...I've already played two rounds of golf with them on, and they feel great. Jewels are happy...I'll be ordering more  ps the wifey loves them too!" -Guest 6" Polyester MAX

"I have been struggling for many years with a skin disease that makes it almost impossible to walk 18 holes of golf without chaffing that really presents problems. I purchased some UFM boxer briefs and wore them yesterday for the first time and walked 18 holes with NO ISSUES! I am so happy I can't contain myself. They are AWESOME and finally address an issue I've had for many years! Go Underwear For Men!!!" -Paul C. 9" Polyester MAX

"I recently purchased the 6 inch Bamboo-Spandex Boxer Brief REG Support (Gen 4) Adj Support Underwear for Men Size 36-38 (L) Color Black. I absolutely love them. I have been waiting for underwear with support like this all my life. I bought primarily for golf but now wear them everyday for work. I had a sneaking suspicion in my golf swing that my "Right One" was sticking to my right thigh restricting my follow through to the right side. I was right now I'm free swinging, no more adjusting during shots and sitting on them in the golf cart. Best underwear I have ever worn. I'm ordering 3 more pair after I write this review. Thanks UFM! from one happy customer in Greer South Carolina." -Bruce L. 6" Bamboo REG

"Wear everyday - great for golf !!!" -Al F 6" Polyester MAX

"I had been looking for a great athletic support for golf and I found ufm and I will never wear any other brand again! These are the best support underwear by far!" -Guest Brief Bamboo REG

"I bought them for added support because of the sports hernia I have. I play golf 4 days a week and need he additional support. I was sceptacl in the beginning but I have pleasantly surprised at the comfort they provide. Very happy with the purchase." -Guest 3" Trunk Polyester REG

"This product is perfect support for GOLF !! In the weight room along with a pair of spandex it's the ideal combo.. I will not do either without UFM, period !!" -Al F. 6" Polyester MAX

"My husband loves this pair of underwear. No more adjusting on the golf course. He like the secure feel of the pouch. He was concerned that the drawstring would get in the way but soon discovered it wasn't a problem. I've ordered 3 more pairs. The only drawback was I didn't have a choice of colors. " -Katrina 6" Bamboo REG

"The general comfort and fit are excellent, but the real difference is the athletic support. As an active outdoorsman, I notice the difference when kayaking, playing golf, working out in the gym, etc. I don't know of any other product on the market that doubles as an old-school jock and luxury underwear." -Steven E. 6" Polyester MAX