Police Firemen EMT

Police Underwear

UFMs are perfect for our heros in blue and other first responders.  If you are on your feet for extended periods of time, in the heat, exprience chafing, then UFMs are the solution you have been looking for.

UFM supports our Police, Firefighters and EMTs and offers a special discount.  Just send a photo of your official Police, Firefighter or EMT to sales@ufmunderwear.com and we will hook you up with your special discount.  Order name must match the name on the ID.

"I received my product just over a week ago and I will be ordering many more. Just a little background, I am an older police officer who patrols in the cruiser for 8 hr shifts. Before receiving this product I was constantly rearranging my package.....(for those who don't know.....gravity becomes much stronger with age) and in most cases I had to get out of my cruiser to readjust. Since wearing this style underwear, I no longer need to find an out of the way place to fix, what was, a problem. Who knows......this underwear may had saved my life. For the men out there experiencing strong gravitational pulls, this underwear is for you and like being young again you'll enjoy the ride. " -Michael J 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Just WOW!  Being almost 65 yrs old and a police patrol Sgt. this underwear is perfect. Before I made the purchases, 2x5, I was CONSTANTLY re-adjusting while on patrol and at times it was so bad I had to get out of my police unit to get some kind of comfort. Now, since I've found and wear UFM on every shift, I feel like a young man again. My boys are comfortable and I have NO MORE discomfort. If you are someone, regardless of age who is constantly re-adjusting, you would have to be a fool or just a plain masochist not to purchase this underwear. If you see Blue lights behind you don't worry.....I'll be in a good mood now that my boys are happy too." -Michael J. 6" Polyester MAX

Police Underwear