Running Underwear for Men

"UFM beats UA Boxer Jocks by a mile. I first bought these ‘cause I liked the looks. Now I'll buy more because of the comfort and support. Boxer Jocks mash your junk, UFM lifts your stuff up and outta the way. Great for running, cycling, workout and daily wear.

Other pouch styles have no fly: great look but then, do you always want to drop trou just to whiz? I don't have time, especially at airports when there's an impatient line behind me, and I have to hold on to my "other junk".

"Buy some....then you'll buy some more." -John H. 9" Polyester REG

"While I prefer the bamboo for daily wear, I use the synthetic version for trail running and exercise. With the drawstring I can dial in the perfect level of support for the activity I'm engaging in including untying for little to no support when I'm relaxing or going to sleep." -Phillip D. 6" Polyester MAX

"Great product! Excellent quality. Perfect for running!" -Billy H. 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Enjoyed the feeling and the functionality of the underwear while cycling and running but had to replace it after the 1st time of wear because the seam came lose in the inner leg. Contacted them and they replaced the pair in a process that was real simple and easy. " -Henry M. 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Very soft and comfortable. They keep my thighs and jewels separated and dry just like advertised. The string is nonintrusive. Will definitely be buying more. Next time Getting the athletic ones for running. " -William B. 6" Bamboo REG

"Great undies! Cozy for my marbles and perfect for running!" -Jake O. 6" Bamboo REG

"I found them slightly less comfortable than Gen 4/5 for daily use, but the support is much better for working out and running. Give these a try if you're an active person." -Shane B 6" Polyester REG

"These are fantastic, saving my athletic life. I had a lot of testicle twisting issues making biking, running, rock climbing and many activities painful. These keep my testicles in a nice package, not allowing them to twist or be pinched. Even doing yoga they are up and out of the way. I got them for athletics but now wear them every day. Thank you so much for inventing these." -Thomas D 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"Great for running" -Alan R. 9" Polyester REG

"They seem nice but the adjust string running under the scrotum bit uncomfortable. I am hoping it's just something to get used to because I love the idea behind them" -Josh B. 9" Bamboo MAX

"The material does not ride up or bunch, and is decent against the skin, no sensory issues. The drawstring is unique, but the pouch doesn't offer enough volume for the scrotum, very noticeable when playing sports and running after a period of time, and it became uncomfortable requiring multiple readjustments. The fly is not tactical and somewhat of a hassle to use. I prefer the flap system used by Separatec. The product will be good for guys that prefer conventional boxer briefs but overall it does not work for me." -Chris H. 9" Bamboo REG

"Exercising in these was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It kept everything in place while running and secure while lifting. 100% satisfied and would recommend to any guy looking to keep Jimmy and the Twins in place during physical activity." -Thomas R. 9" Polyester REG

"The separation and support have made running much more comfortable." -Jim S. 3" Trunks Polyester REG

Jogging Underwear for Men

"These are the most comfortable underwear you can own. No need to wear a jock when running it working out, just tighten it up a bit. These are my go to underwear daily." -Peter D. Briefs Polyester REG

"Good pair of underwear! Great support; especially for running and exercising! " -Martinez B. Briefs Bamboo REG

"These boxers offer great support through an intense workout... running, jumping, squatting, whatever I'm doing, I don't have to worry about chaffing or having to readjust my boys at all. The adjustable drawstring is great, too, so you'll always have the right amount of support." -Johnathan W. 9" Polyester REG