Male Support Explained

"I need the secure packaging of jockeys. My Boys need a house" - Seinfeld-Kramer

Well this was true back in 1994 when this Episode aired on Seinfeld, but now with the invention of the UFM adjustable pouch, you do not need jockeys to get good male support.  All UFMs provide outstanding male support. 

As you probably know, Jockeys aka Tighty whities will only provide good support if they fit properly.  Tighty Whities depend on elastic to provide support and every time they are washed, the elastic loses integrity and you lose support.  UFM pouch underwear does not use elastic to provide support and they will provide excellent support from the first wearing though many, many laundry cycles.

Male support is an important topic that does not get talked about. 

Saggy Balls

Why do men need good support?

  • Testicle Bouncing, squishing is uncomfortable and can cause medical issues. 
    • As men get older, testicles begin to sag and good support becomes even more important.   "Senior Sag" can become so extreme some men's scrotum actually touch the water in the toilet bowl.
    • If you have ever sat on a testicle, the pain can be excruciating.
    • Motorcycle, Horseback Riding and Getting in and out of a vehicle are a few activities that can be hazardous without good male support.
    • Good support when you are younger can avoid "Senior Sag"  Gravity is not our friend in this area.
  • Prevent Chafing.  The Scrotum rubbing on the inner thigh causes chafing on most men.  Sweat and body proportions can even make it worse.
  • Medical 
    • After testicular surgery, doctors recommend good supportive underwear so gravity and other forces do not stress the sutures
    • Hydrocele is a type of swelling in the scrotum that occurs when fluid collects in the thin sheath surrounding a testicle.  This can cause the testicle to enlarge and become uncomfortable
    • Testicular Swelling can be caused by many things, but when it does,  it can be very uncomfortable.  Good support is critical and can reduce discomfort and make activiites of daily life much better.
  • Women take breast support seriously, why shouldn't men take male support seriously?
(This is not medical advice and always please consult a medical professional)


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