UFM Products are excellent for use in the military.  Whether it is for PT or for deployment the excellent male support, anti-chafe design, quick dry and moisture wicking properties make them the ideal underwear for our military heros and veterant too.

At UFM, We Love our Active Military and Veterans

UFM is pleased to offer a substantial military discount to active duty and military veterans.  Please email us a photo of your military ID to and we will send you an exclusive discount code.  Note Name on the order must match the name on the ID.

"Bought 4 pairs of the bamboo ones for my son's Birthday :-)...Okay, but this

Military Underwear for Men

is what he asked for. He says they work & he likes them! He is Marine stationed in NC & it's Steamy HOT there! I just got hm a few hrs ago from the wk long visit." Susie B 9" Bamboo REG

"I have 3 brothers in the Army and I ordered these underwear for them to try after coming across several great reviews. So far, one has tried them and said they were, "very comfortable." I will probably be ordering a couple more pairs." -Barbara L. Brief Polyester REG

"My husband is military and I bought these for him so that he would have some support during PT etc. He likes them and says they are very comfortable. He hasn't experienced any chaffing or rashes from friction. There is a drawstring in the underwear that allows him to adjust the level of support to his liking. The drawstring did not cause my husband any discomfort while wearing the underwear. They are made out of a spandex type of material, which my husband found to be very comfortable and cooling. The underwear functions as stated and provides great support. My husband said his man business did not bounce all around while doing PT, so he was very happy with that." -Danielle 6" Polyester MAX

"I would explain all the complications/frustrations involved in "normal" men's underwear but its a very personal and private issue so I wont divulge much. But, what I can say is I purchased your UFM Medical Boxer Brief underwear for my boyfriend who is  disabled from the military due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan to his groin. The pain he dealt with everyday due to the lack of supportive underwear made him unable to carry out everyday tasks including being able to walk his dog and sometimes even showering (He's not even 40 years old). He recently became so desperate he took a sheet of paper and drew out a sketch of the ideal underwear that could fix his problem. He knew exactly what he needed to fix the problem and he was going to hire someone to make the underwear for him. Me being an internet junkie decided I would look online for "maybe" another solution. He'd tried everything advised before by doctors including a cup(AWFUL)! I then found your products site. When I pulled up the pictures of these Medical underwear I saw the identical product my boyfriend had drawn on his sheet of paper with the drawstring and all! WOW, talk about a good sign. We wouldn't have to hire someone to make them because some "Genius" already has!!!! Well, I immediately purchased two pair and received them in the mail. When he put these underwear on he felt immediate relief and continues to be comforted by them day in and day out! He says "Everyone needs information about this product, people need to hear about this". Thank you for your product and for helping us find a working solution! The purchase process was easy, customer service was spot on, and they were shipped immediately. Thank you so much. I cannot say it enough, THANK YOU!" -Bonnie T. 6" Polyester MAX

"Awesome! Comfortable! I've had some medical issues due to military training and these offer the protection and support I need to accomplish the mission. More colors for tactical environments would be a great addition" Wayne P. 6" Polyester MAX

"Being a Army Veteran, these make me feel right at home. Better quality than The Army provided." -Doyle 6" Polyester MAX

Military Underwear for Men