Biker Underwear

Bikers LOVE UFMs.  Do not continue to suffer from "Motocycle Nuts".  UFM is the proven solution.  Read the comments below from our loyal fans.

"I bought a pair of these to wear while riding/racing my dirt bike. The padded-crotch bicycle shorts I have used in the past are great for seat comfort but they don't keep the nads out of harm's way too well. I'm a saggy senior and find that the UFMs really do a good job of keeping things high and centered. Since I incorporated them into my essential protective gear lineup, the aches and pains the next day are gone. A little high priced to buy a drawer full for daily use but I sure with I had half a dozen pairs. They make a difference in day-to-day comfort as well." -David B 6" Polyester MAX

"Like the drawstring pouch as it is infinitely adjustable and keeps the sack off my legs. Feels good to have the sack out from between the legs, almost weightless. Waist band seems ok. The leg openings have no elastic and are weird to get used to. Waiting to see how these are on long distance motorcycle trips." -Guest Brief Polyester REG

"I was skeptical, but am pleasantly surprised. Like another reviewer, I'm doing laundry every couple days to keep wearing this pair while I order more." -Glenn S. Brief Polyester REG

"I switched from boxers to briefs a few years ago. I used to have to adjust whenever getting in my car or on my motorcycle with regular boxer briefs. I get in/out of my car a lot for my job. There was no adjustment necessary with the UFM's.
I also ordered a competitive brand, but it has no adjustment and doesn't keep me contained within it's support system, especially when it's cold.
2 More pairs of the 4th Gen 6"" Boxers are on there way." -Glenn S. 6" Bamboo REG

"I was skeptical when I placed my first order cause if they were what they were cracked up to be I wanted at least two...but if not then $45 was a lot to blow on a cheap pair of underwear...SO GLAD I BOUGHT 2...I ride a more chafing, which is nice but even better is no more constant adjusting...and they feel great...I'm buying 2 more tonight to try a different style..." -Kevin S. 6" Bamboo REG

"Bought to ride motorcycle and they work great. Would recommend!!!" -TOM S. 6" Polyester REG

"I'm a mechanic in the motoamerica motorcycle road racing series. We do a lot of walking up to 5-7 miles a day. Wearing boxers which have no support after day two especially in the southern states where humidly is high, The days get uncomfortable in the undercarriage department. Those in the know, know what I'm talking about CHAFFING! So before the day starts baby powder, mid day baby powder which helped but was not a solid solution.I ordered the UFM underwear to try out and WOW!! Put them on tighten the draw string and your in business. Went all weekend in total comfort no chaffing.So if your in a high humid high volume walking environment and your looking for comfort sell your stock in baby powder and go UFM. Customer for life." -Chris W. 6" Polyester MAX

"Great support.these are a must have for anyone that ride motorcycle's" -Rob H. 9" Polyester REG

"Recieved my new underwear on May 15th, but wasn't able to ride that day but May 17th, wore them for the first time on several short hops during the day... Fantastic product, wish I had found your product sooner... I will be ordering more in the near future...Spent time speaking to the guys in our group about your underwear product... We are all advert riders well over 50 but no one ever wanted to talk about what is best for those long hours on a motorcycle...We are going around Lake Superior in July and I wanted to avoid those tortuous hours riding this year and thanks to your product I will definitly be the one not complaing this... Thank you so much... I will be a life long customer from now on and I am not shy about speaking about a great product like your men's underwear." -Bob R. 6" Polyester REG

Biker Underwear

"I ordered gen 4 bamboo and medical support. Both were very comfy and provided great support. I wore them each for two days straight to test how they held up. Much better than my other traditional underwear. Great for riding my motorcycle and bike--keeps the boys up and out of the way. Ordering more." -John M. 6" Polyester REG

"Very comfortable and holds things together, Great for riding losg distance on motorcycle, by keeping things tight and high." -Greg R Brief Bamboo REG

"I'm an old phart who still rides motorcycles (Ninja 1000) and wanted something to keep my old saggy junk off the seat and these seem to do the trick. Next time I order I will get the longer leg length as these do ride up a bit when on the bike, but other than that they work great." -Gerald B 3" Trunk Bamboo

"Had my doubts, but exceeded my expectations. Size is accurate. Used for motorcycle riding." -Michael S 6" Polyester REG

"Thay are so comfortable when I'm riding my motorcycle." -Shaun R 6" Polyester MAX

"The underwears do hold up my manhood so that it's not as uncomfortable as any other underwear I have had. I will probably get another pair of two of underwear. I will use it when I am riding my motorcycle. That's when I have had the most problems with previous underwear." -Steven M 6" Bamboo REG

"I've been using UFM for about a month now. I ordered two and then I ordered four more. I like the 9" length for the boxers. I can easily vary the support needed between relaxing, working out and motorcycle riding. I just wish they came in more colors for my waist size (36/38)." -Terry D 9" Bambo REG

"I bought 2 pair of the 4th Gen 6" boxer briefs bamboo. I use them when I am riding my motorcycle. They are very comfortable when riding my bike for the day. Very satisfied with my purchase." -Daniel K 6" Polyester REG

"My husband thinks they are perfect for his motorcycle trips" -Cheryle L 3" Trunk Bamboo REG

"I bought these for riding my motorcycle and their better than the $65.00 undergarment made just for motorcycle riding. Their actually better than anything i ever worn, it's about time science caught up with design. I'll be replacing my whole wardrobe with these, so glad i found them." -Michael C Brief Bamboo REG

"These underware work great for ridding motorcycles for longer distaces. We ride adventure bikes on pavement and dirt roads for days at a time so comfort is the goal." -Kim B. 6" Polyester MAX

"This was my first purchase of underwear like this (6" Gen 4). I'm riding my motorcycle more lately, and I'm getting really tired of sitting on . . . THAT. These help TREMENDOUSLY. They don't solve all the problems of riding for extended periods on that type of saddle, but they definitely do the job they were designed for by keeping all the appropriate parts out of the way. They seem to be well made and are comfortable enough for all-day wear.
I recommend them!" -Randall R. 6" Polyester REG

"I can ride my motorcycle free of pain I love it!" -Christian l. 6" Polyester MAX

"So far they have been great. I ride motorcycles and they keep everything in place for the long haul!" -Donald B. 6" Polyester MAX

"Excellent for riding a motorcycle long distances, washed it several times now still looks new. Will purchase another pair or two." -Louis B. 6" Bamboo REG

"I am well pleased with my 6" bamboo MAX boxer briefs. The support they offer is excellent and I appreciate that everything stays comfortably in place without binding. I found that a real asset during a recent 2-hour motorcycle trip. You have a GREAT product! Think I'll be trading in my Jockeys for more UFMs. Cheers!! " -William D. 6" Polyester MAX

"I bought a pair for motorcycle riding to keep the boys in place and they worked very well. Nicely comfortable and worth the extra cost over other brands." -Kenneth B. 6" Polyester MAX

"REALLY made a difference riding my motorcycle! Gonna order more!" -Rhys A. 6" Polyester MAX

"The drawstring effectively lifts my package so I'm not uncomfortable on my motorcycle. This is primarily the issue I'm trying to address. I'm having to adjust myself constantly in regular underwear when I'm riding. These keep me in the right place. Overall, they are comfortable but the drawstring is a bit much to sleep in. Not nighttime underwear!" -Noah S. 6" Bamboo MAX

"I ride a large cruiser motorcycle and after a couple of hours it becomes uncomfortable for " the boys". These underwear keep the boys in place so I ain't sitting on them. They work great." -Kenneth B. 6" Polyester REG

"They are the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn!
Only drawback is sometimes the drawstring irritates my skin under my belt when riding my motorcycle." -Krista 9" Bamboo REG

"Bought as motorcycle gear. Should have bought a little longer inseam. They do the job. " -Darren E. 3" Trunk Bamboo REG
UFM NOTE: Trunks are only recommended for men with small to moderate thighs.

"Best motorcycle riding shorts I've ever had" -Frank E. 9" Polyester REG

"Bought 2 pairs and now they are my go to Boxers and i always have one pair in the wash.  I drive a lot and bike a lot and find they make riding much more comfortable and this is all i will wear from now on.
I'm going to buy anther couple pairs to make life easier. Luv, Luv them!!" -Wayne C. 6" Polyester REG

"I love them. Rode for almost 200 miles today - getting on and off the bike and the "boys" stayed up front and center - out of the way. It takes you a little longer to undress to pee - it is an acceptable compromise." -Paul W. Brief Polyester REG

"Those are great! Biking, motorcycling or any sports, keeps all in place :)" -Jean C. Brief Bamboo REG

"Very comfortable and kept me cool on a hot day motorcycling." -Marc T. 6" Bamboo REG