Big & Tall Underwear

If you wear big and tall underwear, you know the challenges of finding high quality and stylish underwear that fits and supports your manhood. Traditional underwear bunches, chafes and rides up. Compression shorts are hot and smash your manhood.

Underwear For Men offers support that isolates your manhood, getting it away from your thighs. Inside every pair, there is a patent pending drawstring that adjusts to create a pouch for your manhood. Adjust the drawstrings tight for extra support or light for loose support. UFM Underwear are so soft and breathable, you won’t even feel like you have them on. The pouch is made from a stretch mesh fabric that keeps your body cool and comfortable. Because the support is adjustable, it won’t lose its durability in the wash. UFM Underwear are built for support and made to last.