MAX Support 6 Inch Boxer Briefs Bamboo Gen 3.1 Available in Black

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NOTE: Gen 3.1 MAX design featurers a larger pouch, a stretchier pouch and button holes for the drawstring instead of metal grommets.

UFM Bamboo Spandex material is designed to provide the soft cottony feel, while still maintaining moisture management properties for anti-chafing.  It is also the coolest choice for the warm weather.  Choose bamboo for light everyday wear or light duty sports (ie golf).  UFM does not offer actual cotton products due to their poor moisture management.  Note-Cotton gets wet and stays wet causing chafe and other issues.  This material also goes by viscose (made from bamboo)

Note: Bamboo Spandex is used in the body material only on the Trunks, Standard and Long Boxer Brief.  The pouch design and material is the same between the bamboo and polyester options.  It is a 4 way stretch polyester mesh the with the same support level. 


UFM MAX Support Mens Underwear has a more forward drawstring path resulting in greater scrotal lift.  To achieve this lift, you may feel some pressure on the back of the scrotum.  Our body proportions are all different and different designs work better for different people. 

If you think this may pose a discomfort, we recommend REG Support Instead.

Material: 95% Bamboo (Viscose) / 5% Spandex
Color: Black

Size Waist
S 28-30”
M 32-34”
L 36-38”
XL 40-42”
2X 44-46”
3X 48-50"
4X 52-54"
5X 56-58"


UFM Mens Underwear has a patented adjustable pouch underwear that isolates and supports your manhood. Introduced to the sports market in 2013, UFM Boxer Briefs are worn by casual and endurance athletes around the world to prevent chafing, rubbing, sagging and sweating. The pouch is made of a stretch mesh fabric that gently adjusts to separate and lift your manhood. The drawstrings can be tied tight for extra support or light for loose support. The breathable, lightweight fabrics wick sweat and dry fast.

UFM Mens Pouch Underwear is great for:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Hiking
  • Crossfit
  • MMA
  • Yoga
  • And So Much More